Scott Platshon

Scott Platshon is a Partner at EcoR1 Capital. Mr. Platshon joined EcoR1 in 2015. He serves on the Board of Directors of Ajax Therapeutics, Kumquat Biosciences and Terremoto Biosciences. Prior to joining EcoR1, Mr. Platshon was an analyst at Aquilo Partners, a San Francisco life-sciences investment bank. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Stanford University and played on the varsity water polo team.

Hank Platshon

Hank was born just outside Portland, Oregon and spent his first year in Park City, Utah, where his love of the outdoors began! His favorite activity is chasing Scott and Lauren on skis. Now relocated to San Francisco, Hank spends his days sleeping in, chasing tennis balls at Marina Green and swimming in the bay. Not to mention he is a world-class snuggler!