Propelling Discovery

No strand unturned

We are holistic in our evaluation and highly targeted in our search for innovative therapeutics that can truly improve patient lives. Where are the biosciences with the potential to transform the outcomes? You'll find us there.
our ethos
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We are lenders of conviction as we seek to invest in companies with the greatest potential to better patient lives.
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Bilingual Synergy

Speaking the language of both scientist and strategist allows us to engage as thought partners, leading to true symbiosis with our portfolio companies.
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We start by vetting for exceptional management, strong science, and rational financing strategies, and then we dig deep.
Our Inspiration

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstein
Like the EcoR1 restriction enzyme which transformed the biomedical field, we help move medical research forward by investing in compelling biotech companies that develop promising new solutions for untreated diseases. None of this would be possible without the innovative contributions of those who came before us.